Kayman Skin Essentials

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Whatever your skin type, Kayman has got you covered! Featuring curated products for oily, dry and sensitive skin, achieve a healthy and beautiful complexion with Your Skin’s Favourite Companion.

Oily & Acne Prone Set – Reintroduce balance to your skin with the right combination of hydration and moisture. Enjoy a luminous glow without greasy discomfort. This set includes 1x CoalFace Soap (50g), 1x Skintella Moisturizing Gel (50ml), and 1x Suntella UV Milk (50ml).

Dry & Sensitive Skin Set – Provide your skin with the tender loving care it needs with these nourishing products. Eliminate symptoms of dryness and irritation while enjoying lasting results you can see and feel. This set includes 1x CoalBerry Cleanser (120ml), 1x Skintella Moisturizing Gel (50ml), and 1x Suntella UV Milk (50ml).

1 review for Kayman Skin Essentials

  1. Lenatikah MFS (verified owner)

    Hello there, I bought this set for my mom upcoming birthday 🤭 She already wore it for weeks and she loves it very much. She loves moisturizer because she told me not oily at all after she wore it and now she can sleep any sides of her cheeks on pillowcase to avoid the oily anymore.

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