Is Fragrance In Skincare Bad?

Published:Wed, Jan 25, 2023
Is Fragrance In Skincare Bad?

You may have heard that fragrance in skincare is not suitable for all skin types -- but is it actually bad? The short answer is, no!


Fragrance in skincare is not actually bad

The reason some people say fragrance-free products are better is because fragrance may cause symptoms such as redness and irritation. However, this is not the case for all skin types.
As with any skincare product or ingredient, fragrance in skincare products is not necessarily bad -- it just depends on your skin's tolerance. If your skin is not particularly sensitive, you can use products with fragrance, no problem!


Can my skin tolerate fragrance?

To know whether or not your skin can tolerate fragrance in skincare products, patch testing is crucial.

Here's how you can patch test:

  1. Apply a small amount of product on one part of your face only.
  2. Do this for one week and monitor your skin condition.
  3. If there is any negative reaction, STOP using the product immediately.
  4. Let your skin recover. Then, you can try patch testing again.
  5. Repeat steps 1-2. If there is still a negative reaction, it's best to stop using the product. It might not be suitable for your skin.

Fragrance in Kayman products

Before this, all Kayman products have been free of added fragrance and colorant. We wanted all our products to be as minimal-risk as possible so that it can be enjoyed even by those with sensitive skin.

But we've also received some feedback requesting products with fragrance, so we decided to introduce Skintella Cleansing Sherbet Petites!

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Now that you know fragrance in skincare is not necessarily bad, and you know how to patch test, you can try more products without worrying!