Underrated Skincare Ingredients

Published:Thu, Oct 13, 2022
Underrated Skincare Ingredients

You've probably heard a lot about centella asiatica, alpha arbutin, AHA, and BHA, but what about ingredients that work wonders yet are rarely talked about? Well, don't worry because we're about to take you on a "tour" of some of the underdogs in your skincare products!

These ingredients are "underrated" simply because not many people talk about them. In fact, the benefits they yield are scientifically proven and backed by legitimate studies, hence the presence of these ingredients in many skincare products.



This is quite a common ingredient, but it's not as famous as other "star" ingredients. Panthenol is a really interesting skincare ingredient because it’s an alcohol form of vitamin B5, yet it works to moisturize and hydrate the skin at the same time! For those who cannot use hyaluronic acid, panthenol is a good alternative. It's easily found in skincare products, provides both moisture and hydration, and reduces the risk of dehydration and dryness due to evaporation and TEWL (transepidermal water loss).


Castor oil

This is an ingredient commonly used for the hair and eyebrows, as it is famously beneficial for stimulating hair growth. But did you know that castor oil is also good for the skin? A lot of skincare products include castor oil because it contains linoleic acid, which is great for those with oily skin. Castor oil also works wonders to soothe acne and reduce inflammation. Plus it's relatively cheap, which is why castor oil is the choice ingredient compared to other facial oils.


Imperata cylindrica

Fun fact: imperata cylindrica is the fancy name for... grass. Now, why is grass an underrated skincare ingredient and one of the star ingredients in our beloved Skintella Repairing Serum? That's because this ingredient boasts amazing ability to hold water and retain moisture in the skin. A study even suggested that imperata cylindrica is able to hold 80% of water! That makes it an astounding humectant ingredient. Isn’t it amazing that the grass you often see on the streets is able to do that?



Yes, you read that right. Water, or commonly listed as aqua in skincare ingredient lists, is also an underrated ingredient in the beauty industry. People in the industry may know about this already, but the average skincare user like us may think, "Oh, it's just water. Why is water at the top of the ingredient list? It barely does anything!” Actually, water is probably the most crucial ingredient in any skincare product. Water in skincare is used as a solvent, as well as in cosmetics and personal care. It is also used to form emulsions, creams, and lotions.

All in all, each ingredient in a skincare product has its own benefit and function, backed by scientific data and studies. There is a purpose for each ingredient in a skincare product. Even if the ingredient is rarely talked about, it doesn't mean that it doesn’t do anything. Each ingredient contributes something to the amazingness of the overall formulation!