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Though I often refer to this type of essence as a watery essence, it also goes by other names such as treatment essence, first essence and facial essence, among others. They come in the form of a rich watery liquid and are usually runny. The texture of an “essence” is usually described as being between water and serum, a rich liquid that is thin enough to penetrate deeply into the skin. A watery essence is often used as a “booster” in skincare routines for this very reason, as its ability to penetrate the deeper layers of skin helps to prep the skin before you continue with other skincare products.


After using a few essences on and off, I daresay I can see the difference on my skin when I use it religiously and when I stop using it. Based on my own personal experience, it is indeed a must-have product. I was clueless when I first started to use an essence back in 2013. There were so many questions lingering in my mind because I wasn’t sure what exactly the essence was doing to my skin. I saw absolutely no progress or improvement; but then again, that was probably because I didn’t use it as often and I didn’t wear my sunscreen back then – yikes! So I tried another one in 2014, and again there wasn’t much going on. After that, I stopped using any essence for a few years.

But in 2017, I decided to try a very popular essence type product at the time and POOF! That marked the day I fell in love with watery essence. Though an essence is not a necessary product, it’s become an important step in my skincare routine as someone who constantly struggles with dull skin. I began to see changes in how my skin became more radiant and hydrated when I religiously wore the watery essence.

Flash forward to early 2019, I got to try the Kayman Beauty Rosa Glow Treatment Essence and I’d discovered another game changer for my skin. If 2017 was the year where I fell in love with watery essence, I think this year would be the year I drowned in affection for the product. Since using Rosa Glow, my skin is glowing, more radiant, brighter and plumper. I also noticed that some of my old acne scars faded. I love to call a bottle of Rosa Glow my “miracle water.”


            1.  Hydration
The hydration that an essence provides to our skin is on a different level than that of a hydrating serum. This is due to the smaller molecules in an essence, which are able to penetrate the deeper layers of skin and therefore hydrate from deep within.

            2.   Radiance
When our skin is well hydrated, that’s where the glow comes from. Our skin becomes healthier and appears plumper and more radiant, with hydration giving it an ability to reflect light which is what that “glowing” skin is all about.

            3.   Brightening
Some essences are made to focus on specific skin problems, one of them being to brighten up dull skin. Kayman Beauty Rosa Glow Treatment Essence is an example of an essence that focuses on brightening up the skin to give it that “glow,” and it also helps to fade acne scars and hyperpigmentation for an even skin tone overall.

             4.   Anti-aging
Treatment essences cater to a wide range of skin concerns, and preventing the signs of aging or premature aging is one of them. Many watery essences use fermented ingredients as their star, as it is beneficial for skin renewal and yields anti-aging benefits.



A treatment essence might not be necessary for those who don’t have much skin concerns and for beginners who just started their skincare journey. While cleanser, moisturizer and sun protection are the foundation of a good skincare routine, I personally think a treatment essence is a great investment for your skin, an excellent add-on for that extra glowing goodness. It’s a game changer that’s definitely worth the money!

So I hope you guys can make the right decision when it comes to investing in your skincare, because everyone’s skincare routine is their own journey. As Linden Tyler said, “Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a long time.”

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