Skincare for Men

Published:Mon, Feb 13, 2023
Skincare for Men

Let’s make it clear: skincare has never been categorized into genders. Both men and women can use the same products as long as the products are suitable for your skin. However, there are some differences between the skin of men and women:


  1. Men have a slightly thicker dermis than women. This makes their skin more resilient against fine lines and wrinkles, and why it is more prominent among women. But in terms of collagen production, it tends to degrade sooner in men; by the time it’s noticeable, it’s probably too little too late.
  2. Men also tend to have larger pores — this makes men more prone to breakout and acne, due to buildup of sebum and impurities.
  3. Facial hair and shaving also affect the skin. For instance, ingrown hair, razor cuts, dryness and/or a compromised skin barrier, all affect the appearance and performance of the skin. This may also influence the kind of skincare products needed for these specific skin concerns.


Regardless of gender, your skin still needs tender loving care. Kayman Skin Essentials has got you covered.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the key differences between men and women’s skin, let’s start building a routine!

Take a good look at your skin and point out your needs or concerns. At the end of the day, you probably know your skin better than anyone else.



Give your skin a thorough cleanse while maintaining skin health with CoalFace Soap.

As the dermis for men is more on the thick side, you should look for something with a gentle yet deep cleansing power. We suggest the OG facial cleanser, CoalFace Soap! The combination of honey and charcoal works wonderfully on oilier skin by getting rid of all that buildup on the skin, without giving you that “squeaky clean” feeling.

You want to avoid that squeaky clean sensation because it may ruin your skin barrier in the long run. Your skin should feel soft and supple after cleansing, indicating that your cleanser got rid of all the dirt while maintaining the balance of natural oils on your skin.


Something Hydrating

Hydrate your skin deeply and conveniently with HyaluMelon Mist Toner.

Just like our body, our skin also needs to maintain hydration to be able to function well. Using hydrating products on your skin makes it look better, too! For intense hydration that’s easy to maintain, try HyaluMelon Mist Toner.

Watermelon fruit extract and rice bran oil provide deep hydration while cooling and softening the skin. The best part? It comes in a mist bottle so you can just spritz it a few times right after you cleanse. You can easily “top up” hydration throughout the day too, to quickly refresh your skin. Easy peasy!



Skintella Moisturizing Gel maintains a moisturized and healthy complexion while strengthening the skin barrier.

To seal all that goodness in, you need a moisturizer. This is to prevent moisture loss too. Skintella Moisturizing Gel is beloved for its lightweight gel-cream texture. It feels like nothing on the skin and has no greasy residue, so you can sleep comfortably or go about your day without feeling like there’s a layer of product on your face. It’s cooling for the skin too! To top it off, Skintella Moisturizing helps to repair and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier so that your skin is always in good condition.


Facial Hair Maintenance

Soothe and calm any signs of irritation with the cooling Skintella Repairing Serum.

Whether you shave frequently or just need a light trim on the weekends, it’s important to maintain your skin! We suggest using a facial scrub the night before you have to shave. This is to remove excess dead skin cells and ensure a smooth, clean shave. You should also apply something soothing after shaving, to help with redness and prevent irritation.

Skintella Repairing Serum features many skin-strengthening and soothing ingredients, like chamomile extract, prickly pear extract, and the star centella asiatica. These ingredients in a cooling gel texture work wonders to maintain healthy skin that feels and looks good!


Sun care

Protect your skin from harmful UV rays and nourish it at the same time with Suntella UV Milk SPF50+ PA++++.

During the day, you should wear sunscreen for overall skin health and protection. Apply an amount of 2 fingers at the end of your skincare routine, after applying moisturizer. Using sunscreen regularly protects your skin from UV rays that cause signs of aging and affect the skin’s natural collagen.

Suntella UV Milk SPF50+ PA++++ provides your skin with the broad protection it needs, while giving skincare benefits too. It feels lightweight and non-greasy so you can wear it comfortably as your daily skincare companion!
There you go! A simple, not too complicated routine that’s great for anyone of any gender. It’s really not that hard to take care of your skin! Now that you know the basics, boyfriends and girlfriends can share Kayman products in your routine!