Building Your Basic Skincare Routine

Published:Sat, Apr 20, 2019
Building Your Basic Skincare Routine

By : Bunny

When it comes to skincare, there are too many information and products flooding everywhere to a point that it becomes ridiculously overwhelming. This is exactly why skincare can be a very complicated subject to some. So, where exactly do we begin? Here are the fundamentals for those who wanted to build their skincare routine from nothing to something. These are things you need to know so your skin will feel refreshed and prepared for every morning and cared for every night.

For starters, one shall build a basic skincare regime. The basics include 4 easy steps;


This is the time where the removal of makeup & sunscreen takes place. There is a lot of pre-cleanse methods available, that includes the usage of micellar waters, cleansing oil, cleansing balm, even cleansing milk!. This step is rather optional but highly recommended as it will ensure that the skin is thoroughly cleansed and may also help with breakouts.

A few of the cult favourite pre-cleanse products are Banila Co Clean It Zero & Heimish All Clean Balm. These sherbet type cleansers turn from a solid wax into oil upon contact with the skin. They also turn milky when emulsified with water & leaves the skin clean & moisturized. These babies work wonders for all skin types, highly recommended for those who wear makeups throughout the day. On days without or light makeup, gentle cleansing waters like Cerave Hydrating Micellar Water or Bioderma Sensibio H₂0 Makeup Removing Micelle Solution works great for a quick pre-cleanse.

pre cleanse products zero, cerave,bioderma micellar water
Cleansing your face twice a day will help your skin to be clean and healthy. The key of a great cleanser relies on its efficacy in cleansing one’s face and at the same time can retain moisture so that the skin won’t feel tight & stripped.

We recommend using gentle cleansers such as our own signature Kayman Beauty Coal Face Soap & Kayman Beauty Coal Face Cleanser. These cleansers are carefully formulated to provide effective cleansing without putting your skin barrier at stake. These sulphate-free, skin-friendly low pH cleansers will help to keep your skin clean, soft & healthy.

coalface soap and coalface cleanser
A moisturizer is essential to replenish the skin with all those nutrients. Even if you have the oiliest skin in the entire human existence, moisturizing will do wonders to your skin. A great moisturizer will help to protect your skin from losing moisture while keeping it feeling supple and plump!

For those with oilier skin, we recommend using a lightweight moisturizer to avoid unwanted greasy feeling. Popular one like Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturizer is a gel cream moisturizer that is jammed packed with antioxidants, able to inject the skin with numerous nutrients while being light & airy on the skin at the same time. Those with drier skin are advised to go for heavier creams like Cerave Moisturizing Cream that can help to reduce flaky skin & dry patches.

origins ginzing and cerave moisturizing cream
If there’s one thing & one thing only that you wanted to include in your skincare regime, it’s sunscreen. Cleansing & moisturizing is essential, but nothing beats the importance of protecting your skin from UV rays. Sunscreen is beyond than just protecting the skin from sunburn. They also help tremendously in reducing the risks of formation of hyperpigmentations, age spots, dullness, wrinkles & fine lines, not to mention skin cancer!

The Malaysian cult favourite sunscreen is none other than the Biore Perfect Protect Milk. This sunscreen has SPF 50+ PA+++, making it perfect for both daily wear & outdoor use. It also has a minimal white cast & dries down to a soft matte finishing, great for all skin tones & skin types.

Biore UV Sunscreen Moisture SPF 50+

To sum it up, your skincare routine should look something like this:

Basic Skin Care Routine Day and Night
Daily Skin Care Routine Day and Night
Skincare can be tricky, but let’s not makes thing complicated. Your skincare journey will only be easier from now on once you get your basics all sorted out!